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Welcome to my online portfolio. I have been working in the Video Game Industry since 2005, and had such privileges as working on EA's"The Simpsons Game", "Transformers: Revenge of the fallen", and 4 of the "Dead Rising 2: Off the Record"titles.

I have worked in many studios over the years, but currently I am working as a freelance artist. My roles range from creating simple to detailed assets, polishing projects, doing the lighting in UE4, or creating entire projects myself (depending on the project)

I am currently available for work, so please don't hesitate to send an e-mail my way if you like my work.

In my spare time I am re-creating 'The Solar System: Explore your backyard'. You can see the latest footage of its progress here.

I have created an art package which is available on the Unreal marketplace. The assets are shown below, and you can find out more details about them 'HERE', or click on the image below.

Work Experience