Theme Park Studio

Facebook page: Theme Park Studio
Developer: Pantera Entertainment
Meticritic rating: (Pending)
Release Date: (TBA)
Consoles: PC
Game Engine: proprietary

Role in making
the game:

3D Artist.

Main tasks included:
Creating 8+ roller coasters, each complete with 3 to 4 sets of Diffuse, Specular and Normal Map textures, as well as 3 levels of LOD's.

Theme Park Studio is a suite of tools that allow players to design, build, and experience stunning amusement parks. Theme Park Studio is targeting a Summer 2013 release.


Due to NDA's, I can only show what as already been released. As content is released, I will update this page.

Extreme Rusher:
360 Rotation
360 Rotation
360 Rotation
Seat & Harness

Back view

Front View
Side view
Silver Bullet:
3/4 Front view
Silver Bullet:
3/4 Rear view