The Mandate

Developer: Perihelion Interactive LLC
Consoles: PC
Game Engine: Unity
Role in making
the game:

Ship and Planet Artist.

Main tasks included:
* Create procedurally generated planets using the 'Substance Designer' for use in the 'adventure mode'.
* Modeled a total of 8 ships used in the game.

Kicstarter page: The Mandate


Since the game is not yet released, there is very little of my work that I can show. These are just a few images that have been released to the public so far.


Adventure Mode: This is just a quick run through of the planet system.

There are 3 main types of planets. Rocky, Earthlike, and Gas giant.


This is just an example of the dynamic shader created for the planets rings.

Here is a wallpaper of just a few of the ships I created.