Final Rush

Publisher: Steam Greenlight
Developer: Strike Games
Consoles: PC
Game Engine: UDK (Unreal Engine 3)
Role in making
the game:

Senior Environment Artist.

Main tasks included:
3D Environment modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Post process, Shader creation and tweaking, particle creation and tweaking, fixing visual bugs, Flares, decals, collision, level design and much much more.

Final Rush is a first person, wave based shooter, which can be played either alone in singleplayer, or in cooperative multiplayer via internet, or LAN. It is the first commercial game produced under Strike Games. Final Rush is designed to be an inexpensive game, which you can play by yourself, or with a few of your friends(Currently up to 4) - What makes Final Rush different from most games, is large and frequent content additions, which include everything from new character customization options and weapons, to entirely new levels and game modes.


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