Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom Game Studio Vancouver
Meticritic rating: 72 User score 7.6 (more)
Release Date: Oct 11, 2011
Consoles: Xbox360 / PS3 / PC
Role in making the game: Environment artist, Collision, Audio tagging, Prop artist

"Off The Record", the directors cut of "Dead Rising 2" is for the most part the same with the original when it comes to environment art, with the exception of the theam park named "Uranus Zone". Most of my work for this game was done in this zone allong with the connecting zones around it.

Beside the images below i will give a breif description for my role in what you see in that image

The "Uranus Zone" with its dynamicly rotating 'O'. The support that it rests on, lights and shaders.
Another view of the sign. In the distance is a rock face and the entrance to the theme park. I also did these.
A close up view of the entrance.
The Theater in the background, the stage, back rooms and grassy fields.
The kiosk and the levels LOD (the building in the distance).
The grinders and animaged red/green lights on either side of them.
The "Galactic Glide" ride. This includes the ship, supports, base and sign.
Just another view of the "Galactic Glide"
The sign "Molemen From Uranus", backdrop and base.