Dead Rising 2: Case West

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Blue Castle Games
Meticritic rating: 74 User score 7.5 (more)
Release Date: Sep 28, 2010
Consoles: Xbox360
Role in making the game: Environment artist, Collision, Audio tagging,

"Case West" is an X-Box exclusive downloadable game. It takes place in a compound where Zombrex manifactures their 'Cure'. I touched on nearly every aspect of this game since i was given the task of cleaning up, optomizing and tweaking last minute collision bugs. The main areas i worked on however were the loading bay at the start of the game, the ammo locker in the middle tower (interior), the zombie fire pit and its surrounding areas and the modular wall pieces used throughout the game.

Beside the images below i will give a breif description for my role in what you see in that image

The walls, ceiling, crates and the platform they rest on.
Another shot in the same room but from the other side.
The stairs, platforms and conveyor belt.
This is the other end of the conveyor belt. The back walls, side machinery and the pit in front.
This is the pit at the far end of the conveyor belt.
The middle tower is an armmory for the security. I created everything in here.