Dead Rising 2:

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Blue Castle Games
Meticritic rating: 79 User score 7.4 (more)
Release Date: Sep 28, 2010
Consoles: Xbox360 / PS3 / PC
Role in making the game: Environment artist, Collision, Audio tagging, Prop artist,

'Dead rising 2' is the direct sequil of Capcoms 'Dead Rising', release back in Augsut 2006. Again our Protagonist is in a mall chopping down zombies with everything he can find, but this time he made toys!

The development of this game had been under way for quite a while by the time i got to it. Some new asset creation in malls, some exterior areas and the underground was done, but most of my work went into bug fixing and cleaning up the collision.

"Fortune Exterior". This section was terrible for draw distances due to the simple fact that it's basically a straight line. I worked heavily in this area optomizing collisions, alpha sorting and draw distances.
One of the areas in "Fortune Exterior"
A collision pass was done on much of the interior of this mall. Some store fronts were created.
I also worked heavily with collisions in this casino.